wed 7th july 2010

today i wrote a list and promptly lost it. if you find it and it’s any use to you, feel free to use it. if it’s not pass it on to someone else who looks listless and tell them we’re happy to help, both of us.


fri 19th feb 2010

why is there 1st class, on a train or a plane or a boat anyway? And if someone gives me a good reason why, why not have a 3rd class, and a steerage class again and a poor people’s class too while we’re at it. One class, one journey, one way – we’ll all get there.

thurs 15th october 09

october. gives me time to think of some of some of the finest lyric writing in a song, an october song coincidentally, by the continually talented Mr Robin Williamson and I quote,

“I met a man whose name was time, he said I must be going, but just how long ago that was, I have no way of knowing. Sometimes I want to murder time, sometimes when my heart’s aching, but mostly I just stroll along the path that he is taking.”

I hope he’ll forgive me quoting just part of the song. The rest is equally wonderful. Discover more at & enjoy the journey.